Friday, October 10, 2014

Zoos, night safari, and a merlion

Good evening- it is 8:28 and the pianist downstairs is playing Mac the Knife.  In the lobby they have a pianist, desserts and drinks in the evening.  Marcus is teaching his first night of classes here and I have a moment to update everyone on some of our travel adventures.

As I posted earlier we went to the Singapore Zoo (where we rode an elephant- I still think that was so cool).  Believe it or not there were other neat things.  Like a Lemur that was wandering around close enough to touch, though I wouldn't advise it.

Pardon the blurriness, but we weren't exactly planning an this little lemur just wandering along our path.  The zoo's approach to very naturalistic  exhibits; more than animals behind glass, was refreshing though it couldn't be done in the US as the litigation possibilities are endless.

Along with this lemur, we got to see bats up close.  While it was still early enough in the morning to not be concerned about the bats, it still makes one a little uneasy to watch them stretching and getting comfy for a day's sleep.  It was a zoo and I could probably write a whole journal entry or scrapbook a whole book on the zoo alone, but for the sake time, I will leave the zoo now and and turn to the Night Safari-  Before the doors opened for entry in the Night Safari, (Which is for all intents and purposes is a zoo as well.)  Anyway, before the doors opened, there was this show- with Fire Eaters- I have been trying to figure out how to describe them but I think pictures will help.

The show was impressive- they did the whole breathing fire thing and spinning their torches.  The whole thing was highly choreographed and really impressive.
The Night Safari was really neat it's a zoo of nocturnal animals and that in itself is pretty neat and creepy, but sadly, the photos aren't great- there's no flash photography inside the Night Safari and of course its dark.  We came back to the hotel and had dessert and with that we ended our Thursday.

This is our Friday Morning Selfie;)  Marcus humors me ALOT.  On Friday's agenda a lot of walking,
a Merlion and an indoor rainforest.  One our way to Merlion Park we met a tourism student who was working on his presentation.  He was kind enough to give us a great deal of information about the 9 bridges that span the Singapore River.  He also informed us that next year in August will be Singapore's 50th anniversary of it's independence and there will be "a great celebration".  He was kind and very informative.  Of course we had to get a picture with him.  Marcus insisted, Revenge for the morning selfie.  
We left Peter and journeyed on to Merlion Park.  A Merlion is a mythical creature as Richard told us not unlike a Mermaid.  It is symbolic to Singapore.  I am trying not give you all the details so there will be something to tell you about when I see you ;)

 And so on to Gardens by the Bay...but that will have to wait to the next entry.

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