Monday, May 19, 2008

Marcus is in Amsterdam

Marcus is in Amsterdam and left on Saturday.... actually he comes back tomorrow and we have tickets to go see Eddie Izzard (He is sooo funny)

I don't know much about Amsterdam and he is supposed to take pictures but this is where he is staying. It is called The Bridge Hotel.

And this is why! "The Bridge Hotel is located on the beautiful Amstel River next to Carre Theatre, at a walking distance from Rembrandt Square and Waterloo Square." so the listing says... we will have to hear from Marcus about that.
He gave his talk, which from what I have heard of it, was very engaging, and a bit less cranky then his sabatical talk. (IMHO) A little more upbeat and a lot more positive by his own reckoning. NEver the less I will encourage him to add a little more. However, this will prove a very busy week.
Tues- Flight back
Wed- Walk through the new house
Thurs- Close on the house
Fri- Oh... my the fun begins
And we have to have soooo much done because the 28th Marcus leaves for Singapore....
Exciting.... scary.... busy...
much love,