Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Travel Time Again!

Last Thursday, Marcus went to Houston... he got back Sunday and has "nothing interesting to say" He arrived home safe and sound after getting to visit Brent at Rice for the SAPS conference.

He didn't post.

Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for Montana to see an old friend that I have not seen in...hrmm lets say its been a while. I will post pictures and things as I can. The photos might end up on facebook with the travel journal uploading (RSS) so that people who see Facebook can keep up with me and my adventures.

Michael is doing pretty well making the adjustments to Power Middle School. He has come SOOO far this summer in emotional growth. There are still things that upset him (losing a bionicle piece for example) but the meltdowns are fewer and I haven't been called to the school yet. His only real problem thus far is adjusting to the workload and keeping track of his homework.

I will have the net book with me... so I will be able to keep up with things pretty well. I wish you all well and good night. More to this blog tomorrow or thursday.