Friday, November 14, 2008

Greetings from Louisville

On Thursday Michael, Marcus and I went to Portsmouth. Today we got My parents an early Christmas present. Her name is Rosie. After getting everyone settled in, Marcus and I went on to Louisville where he has a conference and I am just tagging along;)

We had Dinner at Amerigo where I had a marvelous salad and Marcus had a great pork tenderloin. It was strange to get to eat in a place that doesn't have a huge kid's menu or anything else kid related. It was strange, but kinda nice.

Now we are settling in because Marcus has to be on the shuttle to the conference at 7:45am. Tomorrow, Marcus will go to the conference and I get to wander around Louisville. Marcus has ironed his clothes all up and I am going to shower and hit the sack. More soon.... Heather