Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday night here... and I have to catch up

It's about 7:30pm on Friday night as I write this.  We are back in Singapore and I am sitting in our room with a Coke and seaweed chips.  Time to play catch-up.  Saturday, the 11th I went on a hop on hop off bus tour of the city and then to the Singapore Flyer. (Seen to the left in a promotional photo.)  On Saturday when I went it was very hazy and the air quality was not good.  However, I made a go of it and it was fun.  It takes about half an hour to make the complete rotation from top to the bottom.  The individual carriages look like this below and are air conditioned so that is nice because it was very humid outside.

 This was inside the carriage and this was what the outside looked like.
The view of the city from the flyer

The view of a dinner setup carriage on the flyer as we approached the top. 

The hop on and hop off bus tour was fine... but the one thing that struck me and Marcus has mentioned it as well, is all of the construction-  Everywhere you go there is expansion and new buildings going up.  I am impressed by the rapid growth.

Sunday-  Marcus taught and I hung out at the hotel and got caught up on some rest.  I also read an excellent book called "The Hardest Peace".  Ask me about it and I would be happy to tell you.

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