Sunday, October 12, 2014

Marcus here

Hi all (whoever "all" might be) -- a quick note from Marcus on our trip so far. I've finished my first weekend of class, and it has gone well. I have 13 students this time around, and the class is the same one I've been doing the last few years -- Leadership and Executive Development. We've had some really great discussions, and the group is really engaged. The class meets Friday night 7-10pm, and then Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5:30pm, then we do it the whole thing again this coming weekend. But from last night at 5:30pm until Friday at 7pm, my schedule is open, and thus Heather and I are able to take our little side trip to Cambodia, to the Angkor complex, including Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. I know you'll hear (and see) more about that soon.
Saturday night after class, we went over to the Plaza Singapura to watch the Dracula Untold movie. I think it was opening day or the day after. Heather loved it, and I was happy to be along for the ride.
Last night after class, I took Heather to one of my favorite little outdoor restaurants (but as I write that, I see that it really over-sells it -- it's really just a little bit larger than the typical hawker stand, and there are some chairs and tables on the sidewalk -- it's not in any way fancy). I had the murtabak, as I often do. Murtabak is a stuffed pan-fried bread, and in Singapore, it usually has minced mutton, garlic, egg, and onion, and has a spicy curry gravy for dipping. It's really good. Heather had the mutton soup, which is also very spicy. They have a lime juice drink that I really like, as well, that is served hot with ice, so that the bottom of the glass is warm but the top cold. Really good stuff, and not very expensive. For dessert, we had ice cream from another little storefront place, but it's a more local style of ice cream that Heather describes as more like frozen pudding. I couldn't persuade Heather to have the lychee nut or the durrian flavors, even though she has been really adventurous with food this trip. (I had cookies and cream, so I can't say much about that.) Of course, we could have walked up one more block to the Cold Stone Creamery -- that's Singapore for you.
This morning we're taking it easy. We'll get breakfast in the hotel in a little while, and then head to the Changi airport to fly on Silk Air to Siem Reap, Cambodia, where we will be met by a driver from the Grand Raffles d'Angkor to take us to the hotel. Fair warning to all who might be visiting us -- we are taking a Cambodian cooking class tonight. As of this moment, I have no idea what Cambodian cuisine is, but I assure you that we'll be having fun learning (and then serving it to you!).
Cambodia is one hour earlier than Singapore, so for the next couple of days we will be only 11 hours ahead of Detroit/Eastern time. We'll have wifi at the hotel, so we'll post lots of pictures of our adventures exploring Angkor Wat, about which we are both very excited.
Much love to all.

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