Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pizza this afternoon, chicken claw tonight

Class tonight went well -- covered a lot of material, and laid out the structure for the rest of the class. Professor Jacoby and I headed out to the Night Market again for dinner, and went to a stall that had a sort of buffet. You got a plastic colander, and filled it up with vegetables and meats and tofu of various sorts, which were then put into a boiling broth to cook. Since I didn't recognize a good bit of what was there to choose from, but I did recognize chicken claws, I figured I'd try it out. So mine had some noodles, some snap peas, tofu, fish, and chicken claw, which tastes quite a bit like (wait for it) chicken, though with not much meat on the bone. It also poked me in the face a few times while I tried to eat it.

Tomorrow is more exploration!

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