Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back at it.

OK, I made it home, and had a great time. No problems on the return trip -- we had to fill out health forms on our way to Tokyo, but no one ever collected them!  I did get bumped up to first class on the Taipei-Tokyo leg of the trip (which is always nice), but not on the long leg Tokyo-Detroit. 
I got lots of reading done on the plane, and have hit the ground running. After a massive attack of jet lag yesterday afternoon, I took a short nap, and then forced myself to stay up until 10pm. Slept soundly, and think I am back on Detroit time. 
I shared the pineapple cookies that Sophy gave me with the office staff and the grad students in my lab today, and they went over very well. Heather can't and Michael won't eat them, and I don't need them all. They do look cool, though -- each one wrapped in its own little cardboard fold-up box. 
I also shared the "treasures" I brought home, including a USB flashdrive that looks like a penguin for Heather, and a computer keyboard that is flexible and can roll up like paper for Michael. Michael also got a Taipei City t-shirt (with Taipei 101 on it), and Heather got the seaweek potato chips she likes, so I think I did ok.
So that's about it for this trip. I have to send some information out to the students, and then grade their final papers, but for the most part, this trip is about done. I'll close this section of the blog, and pick it up again when it comes time for Singapore in July.

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